First Paragraph: Features Writing

Panorama of Gordes

Elaine has written a wide variety of features on subjects which catch her interest. If a writer is bored by the topic they're writing about, it often shows through in the dull copy produced.

Elaine at the Great Wall of China

One area Elaine writes about is travel. She has travelled extensively in the UK and in over 40 countries around the world (so far). However although many people visit lots of countries, not everyone can write about them well. Elaine has been particularly successful in travel writing where her work has been judged alongside other writers. Have a look at her prize winning entries in these national competitions.

Some further travel examples show her range from well researched factual accounts of a destination right through to those personal experiences.

Elaine also writes for publications and websites on several other topics. Some examples of excerpts from her articles are included below.

Elaine is happy to discuss your requirements, prepare outlines or accept commissions. For more information, please use the enquiry form.